Name:Boy v2
CPU: 1 x vCPU
HDD: 6GB Bandwidth:Unlimited

$15 /month

Name:Star v2
CPU: 2 x vCPU
HDD: 10GB Bandwidth:Unlimited

$25 /month

Name:Sheriff v2
CPU: 4 x Core
HDD: 20GB Bandwidth:Unlimited

$45 /month

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COOLVDS.COM — it is not "just another service in internet"  — It's a long study of virtualization, optimization of heavily loaded projects, fine-tuning the server software. The main idea when creating the project was not primarily a financial success, and business-tolerant system virtualization, with the possibility of improvement and modernization of non-stop resource users.

We are absolutely sure of the quality of our services, therefore we use the long test period.