$270 /month


Plan Adult Static

Enormous and reliable filesystem, powerfull CPU and faster network can st on foot any storage for streaming and other.


CPU: Xeon E3-1230v2 4x 3.7 GHz (HT)
NIC: 1Gbit
IP-adresses: 1 pcs
Bandwidth: 1Gbps Smart Limit

Our 10 unique competitive advantage:

  1. Dedicated chanel 100 Mbps - UNMETERED, additional terms
  2. For 1Gbps - Smart chanel limits after 50TB
  3. Сertified Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard servers only
  4. Premium placing
  5. High availability of all systems
  6. Safaty and fast disk system for hi-load
  7. The best for Adult and AWM
  8. Beneficial Offers for beginners and professionals
  9. Broken parts free repair. ASAP
  10. EU and US possibility of placing

Additional service

  • Control panel ISP Manager Lite - $3
  • +1 IPv4 (up to 32 IP) - $3 


  • Basic level support
  • Basic level monitoring
  • Basic software set on customer's choice
  • Basic level monitoring
  • Free OS re-install
  • Server's reboot control panel
  • Visual statistic of server's load
  • DNS coolvds.com for domains parking
  • Root access

Operating systems:

  • Linux CentOS 6
  • Linux Debian 7
  • Linux Ubuntu LTS
  • Windows WebEdition

Forbidden for placing:

  • Zoo, Child porn, Incest, Rape.
  • SPAM (in any manner)
  • Phishing
  • Bot network

We allow what others forbid:

  • Porn hosting
  • Pharma hosting (without SPAM)
  • Doorway hosting (without SPAM)
  • Torrents/DC Hub (Abuse solve in 24h)
  • Warez hosting (Abuse solve in 24h)
  • Any resources that do not violate the laws of the United States
www.hp.com www.centos.org www.cisco.com www.ubuntu.com www.intel.com www.linux.com www.level3.com www.redhat.com www.vyatta.com