$5 /month


Plan Cloud One

For daring people who want to succeed in Internet, we present this unique plan which includes powerful CPU and a sufficient amount RAM and disk space to begin to embody your wildest ideas to life.
The plan of high hopes and correct beginnings that will help any newcomer to save his startup budget and no extra cost now to start your business online.


CPU: 2 x vCPU
HDD: 10 GB
NIC: 100Mpbs
IP-adresses: 4 pcs
Bandwidth: Unmetred

Service premium as much simplified format:

  • Our service CLOUD HOSTING presented in plain virtual hosting
  • echnically served innovative operating system CloudLinux
  • The tariff plan will be optimal for most projects that do not need special settings, and enough common basic settings and options.
  • You get a lot of ready-made web browser for all occasions, which are installed in a couple of clicks from the usual blog to complex e-commerce systems
  • Lowest and reasonable price of this tariff plan will allow you to get started right away with the minimum investment in hosting.


  • Basic level support
  • Control panel ISP Manager PRO
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Visual statistic of server's load
  • DNS coolvds.com for domains parking
  • Free mail sever with Web interface

We allow what others forbid:

  • Porn hosting
  • Pharma hosting (without SPAM)
  • Doorway hosting (without SPAM)
  • Warez hosting (Abuse solve in 24h)
  • Any resources that do not violate the laws of the United States
www.hp.com www.centos.org www.cisco.com www.ubuntu.com www.intel.com www.linux.com www.level3.com www.redhat.com www.vyatta.com