Free-lance system project "COOLVDS.COM", hereinafter referred to «Doer» shall publish in address of any person or entity, hereinafter referred to «Customer», настоящую оферту – this Offer - an offer to enter into this contract for services under the following conditions:

1. Prohibited:
1.1. SPAM (any form);
1.2. Software and scripts, operation which may lead to malfunction of head systems, as well as the systems of third parties through the fault of acts or omissions of the Customer;
1.3. Placement and / or storing of information containing the propaganda of violence, fascism, terrorism, nationalism, racial hatred, ethnicity or gender as superior over others or announcing other race, nationality, gender inferior sites calling for the overthrow of legitimate authority in a Member State, and as sites containing page or antipolitical political orientation;
1.4. Resources involved in the trade in narcotic and toxic substances, drugs, except where the relevant documentation or do not require licensing;
1.5 Placing pages used as doorways feeds "search spam" is possible only by prior agreement with the administration of hosting;
1.6.Placing servers Doer files that are protected by copyright and related rights of third parties, cracks protection programs or otherwise violate the copyright and related rights of creators of programs, audio and video recordings and other intellectual property rights;
1.7. Prohibited pornography formats, as well as tags and keywords associated with them (in any transliteration and in what language or): pedo, zoo, lolita, incest, violence (rape);
1.8. Prohibited publication of any materials that are contrary to U.S. law (Virginia)
1.9. Do not use space domains * for personal purposes not related to the work of the server (such as publishing websites on the domains of space *.

2. The rights and responsibilities of the parties:
2.1. Customer agrees not to violate the terms of this offer;
2.2. Violation of any terms of this offer entails the denial of services without compensation for the residual balance;
2.3. Order is automatically locked in 24 hours after the expiration of the paid period;
2.4. Order is automatically deleted in 5 days after the expiration of the paid term;
2.6. The Doer shall not be liable for the actions of third parties caused by the customer or on whose fault;
2.7. The Doer shall not be liable for any received by the Customer or losses for any reason;
2.8. The Doer shall provide guaranteed claimed resources that have been paid by the Customer by means of the automatic payment through the customer billing syste;
2.9. The Doer undertakes to provide original or virtual hardware server Client available with the operating system and system-configured remote access;
2.10. The Doer Contractor shall perform the Customer's order fully paid in accordance with the stated terms of the relevant tariff plan online;
2.11. Any possible compensation from the Doer to the Customer is only possible in the form of services, the Doer and described predostalyaemyh site;
2.12. The scope and duration of compensation set by the Doer upon request of the customer;
2.13. The Doer of the right to provide all the data available about his customers legally authorized bodies (police, court, etc.);
2.14. The Doer reserves the right to monitor the resource consumption of virtual servers (VDS) and use technical methods for their limitations;
2.14.1. Hourly limit bandwidth usage virtual HDD VDS is two megabytes per second;
2.14.2. Hourly usage limit IO virtual HDD VDS is one hundred operations per second.

3. Terms of Customer Support ("Support")
3.1. Support is carried out only on the basis of tickets;
3.2. Additional methods and conditions Support available only after agreeing on the means of tickets (paragraph 3.1 of this Offer);
3.3. Support staff and administration of the project are authorized to inform the customer about the critical changes in the system by e-mail address and;
3.4. Execute tickets the customer without breaking the existing laws of the country in which the customer, get the resources;
3.5. The Doer of the right to refuse to provide the Customer Support if job control software systems was the interference of third parties and / or the Customer whose actions were not in accord with Support;
3.6. The Doer agrees to provide Support, if all actions related to the administration server, are made ​​directly with the performer;
3.7. The Doer of the right to provide (resume) Support after the intervention on the customer's server of third parties and / or the customer for an additional charge, which will be agreed with the finance department of the Doer through the ticket system;
3.8. All work carried out by the Doer free of charge upon request to the Customer Support regulate terms of basic technical support (Attachment: "Customer Support")
3.9. Artist of the right, in its sole discretion, and / or if the current conditions require that the server Client reconfigure the server without the consent of the customer with the customer and recalculate the billing period, but with subsequent notification to the customer means ST;
3.10. Support is not provided in the Live-chat site;
3.11. Support is not provided if access to resources limited to customers Customer or a third party.

Appendix "Customer support"
1. The Doer executes Support for free only on the customer's server operating system based on Linux Ubuntu (LTS: Long Term Support);
2. The Doer the right to choose methods and tools implementation problems of the Customer;
3. The Doer of the right to decline the application of the customer (or further clarify the Customer) if the problem is not expressed explicitly in the application of the Customer and / or its implementation is beyond the scope of this offer;
4. All applications are processed by the Customer performer in chronological order;
5. The reaction time of the Contractor to the Customer's request depends on the time of day, day of the week, as well as international holidays ("New Year" - from December 31 to January 2 inclusive; "International Women's Day" - March 8, "Christian Passover" - according to the current date year: Sunday and Monday inclusive, "May 1" - May 1 and 2, inclusive, "Victory Day" - May 9).

Time zones of scheduled processing customer requests:
Zone A. Monday-Friday: 9-00 to 17-00. Reaction time: 1 hour.
Zone B. Monday-Friday from 00-00 to 9-00 and from 17-00 to 23-59. Reaction time: 12 hours.
Zone C. Saturday-Sunday: c 00-00 to 23-59. Reaction time: 16 hours.
Zone D. international holidays: c 00-00 to 23-59. Reaction time: 24 hours.

6. Times zone which used Support: GMT +1 (Europe)
7. Performed by the The Doer applications run in accordance with the task by the Customer and are considered fully executed after changing the status of the application on the "Done".
8. Status of implementation of the application determines the Doer on the basis of the task the customer. Given at the discretion of the Customer Regulation of the request execution.
9. The Customer undertakes to describe in detail the requirements for the implementation of the application in order to avoid the appearance of not unambiguous objectives, as well as possible differences.